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TFE's computer is connected to the university-wide Windows network based on Active Directory (AD). In order to use the computers you need to have a user account and that you assigned rights.

This is how You will get your user (AD account)

To log in, you need a user account. Usernames and passwords are obtained as follows:

Step 1 (This you must do yourself)

a) You MUST have a student address at the University similar If you do not already have it should have received a letter with instructions sent home to you by mail before the beginning of the semester, otherwise you can follow the instructions on

b) To create your user account, follow the instructions on page  If you do not have access to another computer, you can use one of those who are at Umdac.

Step 2 (This makes your program managers / teacher)

Tell your teacher that you have no rights, so the teacher will notify the IT operations that you will have access to TFE's servers. That means you will have your own home directory, printing facilities, as well as time to centrally stored files.

Requirements for passwords

The first time you log in, and then at certain intervals have the password changed. The new password must meet the following requirements:
- At least 8 characters.
- Must contain characters from at least three of the four following categories: Capital letters (A.. Z), small letters (a.. Z), numbers (0 .. 9), Special characters (for example, !,$#,%).
- May not be the same as that used recently.

If you choose a simple password to get an invitation to change. If You enter the wrong password five times the login will be blocked for 15 minuter. Then you can try again.

If you want to know more

Student epost addresses

According to the university's decision, all students have a so-called central student address. (This takes the form To obtain a user (AD account), one must first have an email account. User names are always the same. Passwords change then separately and therefore may be different. To read your mail, we recommend that you use the browser and connect to

Computers in the lab

All computers are running Windows XP operating system. In order to use the computers, you must first log in with your user (AD account).


- Every student - every student has a certain number of pages available.
- Normally you get 100 hp sidor/7.5.
- Program Students receive 400 pages of each semester start.
- Each time you print count the number down and when the pages are completed, it will be impossible to print any more.
- Would you expand the number of pages beyond this happens, contact vaktmästeriet. The price is 1 skr/page. Only prints that are related to courses in TFE is permissible.

Home directories

The first time you log in, create a personal home directory on the server TFE-MAGNUM. Where you store your personal documents, which only you can access. The size is limited so you should only use the home directory to store the self-produced files. Remember that the copyrighted material (piracy) can not be stored on university servers.If your home directory is getting full, you can transfer the contents to CD. CD burners are available in several of the labs.


No individual user profiles. Your changes such as the desktop appearance will not be saved when you log off.


Student network is behind a firewall, a so-called proxy. To access the Internet it requires that you enter your email address and your email password. It could be your student address as above or email at Umeå University. Note that you must enter the password associated with the email account, and not your password to the AD account.


A group of students running a number of Linux servers in TFE. As a student you can apply for the account of these. For more information, please visit If you already have an account and email address at ING works such as in the past.


Problems with the login (eg forgotten password): Contact Student Support on Umdac. Tell them that it is the AD account. (NOTE they can not create AD accounts. See special instructions for this).
- Problems with E-mail (@ Contact Student Support on Umdac. Indicate that the email account.
- Problems with your account at ING (@ Allows service request to
- Other errors: Make your complaint in or send mail to If it is not possible ask vaktmästeriet.

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