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Immersive Interaction Lab (i2Lab)

The main focus of our research group lies within the area of Immersive Interaction. An intelligent environment based on user centered design –interaction where the user’s natural behavior of interaction is not altered. More specifically, we are developing vision-based perceptual user interactions in which the state and action of a user are automatically inferred and understood by the computing systems in order to communicate with the users; as if the system acts and behaves as another human. For an immersive interaction the users don’t have to use conventional interaction techniques (based on physical input devices such as mouse and keyboard) as the systems perceive and respond appropriately to the user’s actions.

The scope of the i2Lab activities lays within research and development of ‘immersive 3D vision’ for mobile and tangible interfaces along with their usability factors. The i2Lab investigation aims to explore several possible visualization and interaction features. This includes 3D rendering, 3D visualization and immersive interaction using research areas such as Tangible User Interfaces, Mobile Interfaces and Usability, Mixed Reality, Seamless and Ubiquitous Computing.

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