Electronic and System Engineering

The research environment covers activities within electrical and system engineering, applied physics, and biomedical engineering.

The research in the media field also includes media use, speech behavior, media experience and interaction, for example, the importance of individual choice for media use. In embedded systems we develop new wireless sensor networks for measurements in various environments, such as data collection of animal behavior (digital zoo). Within control engineering and robotics the research is focused on mathematical models for real systems, ranging from hydraulic cranes to the fluid flow in the human brain and the use of these models for reading, visualization, prediction and control of important variables in these systems. Research in biomedical engineering aims to develop ideas for new products that can benefit the health care and the quality of people receiving care. Examples are resonant sensors for diagnostics and characterization of disease in soft tissue. Within the research environment we also perform research in measurement technology, mechanics and optical systems.

Our Groups

Digital Media Lab (DML)
The focus of DML is research within the areas of media technology, interaction technology and the use of technology within communication. Furthermore, DML engages in the research and development of engineering education within the UX and ICT area. DML bridges the gap between research and education and conducts education within applied science and engineering towards the MSc study program in Interaction Technology and design and the University program in Media.

Embedded Systems Lab (ESL)
Research in ESL is focused on networked embedded systems and Internet of Things. Some application areas are digital agriculture and industrial Internet.

Immersive Interaction Lab (i2Lab)
The scope of the i2Lab activities lays within research and development of 'immersive 3D vision' for mobile and tangible interfaces along with their usability factors. The i2Lab investigation aims to explore several possible visualization and interaction features using multimodal signal processing methods.

Applied Laser Spectroscopy
Development of laser-based spectroscopic techniques and optical sensors. Application to interdisciplinary research in fields such as energy technology (combustion and gasification of biomass) and medical science (breath gas analysis).

Robotics and Control Lab (RCLab)
Research in the Robotics and Control Lab is focused on the development of mathematical models for real-world systems, from heavy-lifting hydraulic cranes to the fluid flow within the human brain and the subsequent use of such models for sensing, visualization, prediction and control of important variables within these systems.

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Our Team


Anders Eklund

Professor in Biomedical Engineering

Associate Professor, Docent

Leonid Freidovich

Associate Professor in Robotics and Control systems

Per Hallberg

Associate Professor in Biomedical engineering

Staffan Schedin

Associate Professor in the area of Mechanical Engineering

Associate Professor

Britt Andersson

Associate Professor in the area of material physics

John Berge

Associate Professor in Electronic Engineering

Sven Rönnbäck

Associate Professor in Robotics and Automation Systems

Thomas Mejtoft

Associate Professor in Media- and Interaction technology

Ulrik Söderström

Associate Professor in Media- and Interaction technology

Ville Jalkanen

Associate Professor in Health Engineering

Shafiq Urréhman

Associate Professor in Digital vision and Interaction technology

Assistant Professor

Florian Schmidt

Assistant Professor in Applied Laser Spectroscopy, Combustion Diagnostics and Breath Analysis


Johannes Karlsson

Researcher in Embedded System

University Lecturer

Jan-Åke Olofsson

University Lecturer in Electronic Engineering

Johan Haake

University Lecturer in Embedded System

Karin Fahlquist

University Lecturer in Media- and Interaction technology

Peter Björk

University Lecturer in Embedded System


Ismael Castillo

Postdoctor in Robotics and Control systems

Ph.D student

Iyung Ong

Ph.D student in Robotics and Control systems

Keni Ren

Ph.D student in Signal Processing, Interaction technology

Muhammad Sikandar Lal Khan

Ph.D student in  Digital vision and Interaction technology

Ramin Ghorbani Ghomeshi

PhD student in Applied Laser Spectroscopy

Samuel Sonning

Ph.D student in Media- and interaction technology

Szabolcs Fodor

Ph.D student in Robotics and Control Systems