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Shafiq Ur Reman: "Students don’t just like Umeå University but I really “love” it. During the year’s studies, one can find it really a perfect place to learn, to cheer, to make friends and to enjoy all the things one expects during an international study experience. There are lots of good things about this university and few are mentioned below "


1. library

Umeå University has the largest academic research library in Norrland. It provides students with access to text and reference books, e-books, and research journals. It also provides access to photo copies machines, where students can copy text of their interest. For more information see

2. Wireless LAN

Students can use internet remotely while setting in some study room, corridor, and campus lawn using WLAN internet connection.


UMDAC provides students with computer support. It manages a student portal where student can find ladok record of their registered as well as completed courses. It also provides students with an email account. Further students can get help on technical issues both related to software and hardware. UMDAC also provide guidelines to students while buying some new device or troubleshooting.

4. Universum

A really nice place to have shopping experience, this provides students all they need under on roof.

5. 24 hours access to computer labs

In Umeå university student can reach and work 24 hr . Due to its location near the student housing, all the computer labs are reachable and open 24 hrs and 7 days of week.

6. Housing

It’s not very difficult to find accommodation of your choice. University provides accommodation only to exchange students. Free movers are required to manage accommodation on their own, through Bostaden, a housing company in Umeå. Bostaden provides special discounts to students, and one can book and pay rent for the future accommodation even from home country. Housing areas are on walking distance from university.

Co curricular


At IKSU students can play variety of sports, do physical exercises and group trainings. Students can do swimming, beach volleyball, ice hockey, badminton and much more. IKSU has also special prices for students. For more details see

2. Buddies

International Buddy Program is one of the main attractions for both international and national students. It helps both native and foreign students to find new friends, organize activities of their interest and enjoy the leisure time. A buddy program is mainly run by Swedish students who help new students to get acquainted with the new city, find events and activities. For more information see

3. Close to Airport

There are daily 6 daily flights to and from Stockholm. SAS Swedish national airline provides cheap tickets to students, and it takes only 45 minutes while flying from Stockholm to Umeå.

4. Career Counseling

Apart from formal education and training, Umeå University facilitates its students with career counseling. It helps students to prepare themselves for their future jobs. Students can get professional guidelines about CV writings and effective cover letter. Every department provides student with a dedicated study advisor to discuss their problems in learning and other educational issues.

5. Health Services

Umea University takes care about student health and physical fitness. Students can get one to one counseling related to their health related issues. Moreover university organizes seminars on important health issues to endorse awareness among students.

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