Master's Programme in Robotics and Control

The Master Programme in Robotics and Control provides a comprehensive foundation for a professional career in the field of robotics and control systems. The programme is interdisciplinary, covering most important areas with contributions mainly from the Department of Computing Science and the Deparment of Applied Physics and Electronics. A relevant curriculum is guaranteed by lectures and hands-on assignments relating directly to ongoing research projects. Many courses in the programme contain a large portion of laboratory work in order to provide experience with relevant software and hardware.

Information regarding the Master's Programme in Robotics and Control starting fall 2018 (HT2018)

The Master's Programme in Robotics and Control fall 2018 starts off with registration and information Monday September 3. Information about location and time are given in the table below.

Type of activity: Programme registration and course start
Date and Time: Monday September 3 2018, at 12:00  (12:00am)
Building/Room: TA206, Teknikhuset ( Building X), Umeå University ( main campus)

Welcome Letter

Click this link to find the Welcome Letter online.

Courses first semester

Autumn Semester 1 - September  2018 - January 2019

Time/Period  Course Name Contact
Aug 28 - Nov Artificial Intelligence, 7.5 ECTS  Yvonne Löwstedt <>
Aug 28 - Nov Linear Control Systems, 7.5ECTS

Leonid Freidovich


Nov -  Jan Artificial Intelligence - Methods and Applications, 7.5 ETCS Yvonne Löwstedt <>
Nov -  Jan Mechatronics, 7.5ETCS

Kalle Prorok <>

Spring Semester 2 - January 2019 - June 2019

Time/Period Course Name Contact
Jan - Mars 2018 Modelling in Robotics Sven Rönnbäck
Jan - Mars 2018 Image Processing Ulrik Söderström
Mars - June 2018 Adaptive Control

Leonid Freidovich

Mars - June 2018 Project in Computer Vision

Yvonne Löwstedt



Syllabus for the programme

Link to Syllabus,  (in Swedish)

Contact information

If you do have any question about the programme start, please contact the programme coodinator, Sven Rönnbäck



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