Postgraduate doctoral study programmes

At our department, the doctoral study programme (third-cycle programme) is given within three subjects:

Energy technology

Applied electronics

Applied physics

The doctoral study programme is a four year programme that contains a number of advanced courses and a research project that ends with the defending of your doctoral thesis. Besides acquiring deeper knowledge in a specific scientific field, you will also be trained in critical, analytical thinking and to independently solve problems. You will be well prepared for a career in the academic, industry, or the public sector.


To be eligible to a doctoral study programme, you must have both basic eligibility and fulfil the special requirements.

Basic eligibility means that you have an undergraduate degree equivalent to a Swedish Bachelor's degree (Kandidatexamen). This means a minimum of three (3) years university/college studies (180 ECTS) from an accredited university/college with a minimum of two semesters (60 ECTS) of full-time studies in one discipline/subject/major. Please note that for some countries, especially in south Asia, you must have both the Bachelor's and Master's degrees before your academic level is equivalent of the Swedish Kandidatexamen.

Special requirements are special qualifications prescribed by the Faculty Board, and generally concerns previous studies in the specific subject or field of study.  The specification for the special requirements can be found in the General syllabus for each doctoral study programme.

If you are interested to pursue a doctoral degree (PhD), please contact one of our researchers or the Director of doctoral studies. Vacancies for postgraduate education are announced on the Umeå University website at “open positions”.

Doctoral theses and Licentiate theses



Year sorteringsordning


Strandberg, Anna

Fuel conversion and ash formation interactions: a thermochemical study on lignocellulosic biomass



Hagman, Henrik

Co-firing complex biomass in a CFB boiler: ash transformation, corrosion control and materials selection



Yung, I

Automation of front-end loaders: electronic self leveling and payload estimation



Khan, Muhammad Sikandar Lal

Presence through actions: theories, concepts, and implementations



Åberg, Katarina

Biomass conversion through syngas-based biorefineries: thermochemical process integration opportunities



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