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Christer Rönnqvist, administrator, personnel

Directory Co-ordinator Administrator Work Environment Representative

My thesis project addresses Building Life Cycle Assessment and Building Refurbishment from a Life Cycle Perspective.

My research concerns resource recovery in renewable energy systems and the work involves X-ray analysis techniques both in-house and at synchrotrons.

Postdoc in household energy and air pollution in developing countries. He holds a PhD in Engineering and a MSc. in Sustainable Energy Systems.

PhD candidate in energy technology related to energy efficiency in building renovation

Head of Department Per Hallberg
Assistant Head of Department Dan Boström
Erik Näslund
Deputy Head of Department Erik Näslund
Director of Studies Britt Andersson
Per Kvarnbrink
Staffan Schedin
Student Counsellor Catharina Åhgren
Programme Co-ordinator Anders Åstrand
Björne Lindberg
Fredrik Häggström
Mohsen Soleimani-Mohseni
Staffan Schedin
Sven Rönnbäck
Thomas Mejtoft
Ville Jalkanen
Administrator Christer Rönnqvist
Helena Glenge
Helena Westman
Maria Rönnberg
International Contact Person Sven Rönnbäck
IT Co-ordinator Leif Johansson
Robert Sjöblom
Directory Co-ordinator Christer Rönnqvist
Robert Sjöblom
Web Master Helena Westman
Robert Sjöblom
Work Environment Representative Christer Rönnqvist
Fire Safety Representative Catharina Åhgren
Equal Opportunities Representative Robert Eklund

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